About The Artist

Hey there! My name is Sarah and I'm a 16 year old aspiring artist. I began drawing in the summer of 2008 after checking out a book from the library about drawing portraits from photographs. Ever since then I have been hooked on drawing! My goal is not only to develop my artwork to it's fullest potential, but also to learn how to show character, emotion, feeling, and spirit in each piece I create. It is my hope to be able to express myself through my work and create something that draws the viewer into the moment.

~ Sarah Jane


Sheean said...

you. you are amazing ten-fold. and the shot of you in the floppy hat is so fly and uhh i love it and i have to email you about something! or skype. whateverrrr.

Sarah said...

Thanks! The hat? Sadly it's not mine. It's Lauren's....I just borrowed it for the afternoon. Can't wait to talk to you! :) :)