About Inside Out

After searching and searching for a blog name I finally stumbled upon Inside Out when I was least expecting to. I was at the library, pawing through watercolor color books, when I pulled out the book entitled Painting From the Inside Out. I started to put the book back on the shelf, but then I stopped.
That's it! I thought. That is a perfect blog title! 

I wanted to find a unique and special name. Something that wasn't very popular and also conveyed what art means to me.

But what is art?

In the words of my online art teacher...

"The opinions are endless, and in an attempt to give it a more specific definition, some may try to eliminate someone else's form of free expression. It not only encompasses the visual arts, but music, writing, acting, and any form of creativity and free expression! Like Jeffrey said, "it is the byproduct of the human need to express oneself". But that can be almost limitless in the way that it is conveyed or expressed! It is very much related to a kind of Charades, where you can do almost anything to act out a thought visually, but without words. It is very effective though and is probably why some will say, that "A picture is worth a thousand words." Napolean Bonaparte. An idea, feeling, emotion, word, etc., etc., that keys into and stimulates the imagination of the artist and recipient, can create the necessary illusion that will represent what you are trying to communicate. So that then, a person can get the "Picture", so to speak. "Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time." Thomas Merton. Now, that enters into the next wonderland! What will the recipient see? Everybody will see something a little different, because they will have their own unique history, memories, and experiences. It is much like a smell, or a song, that instantly takes you back to a moment in time. The challenge of the artist may be to make a person see what they want them to see, but that will always be processed through the recipient's own set of emotions and experiences, as they identify, or not, with what you have attempted to express and communicate." ~ Darrel Tank

So basically art is expressing your ideas, feelings, and emotions visually. Hence the name...Inside Out.

~ Sarah Jane


Elizabeth said...

Very good choice of name - so you :)

Sarah said...

Aw, thanks Elizabeth! :)