My Mediums

As of yet, I only do graphite and watercolor on a regular basis. I have tried several other mediums once or twice, but to learn more them would mean more supplies and a lot more time! So right now I'm just sticking to these two..

I've been doing graphite portraits for about 3 years now. For the first two years I learned from Lee Hammond's How To Draw Life-like Pencil Portraits From Photographs. About a year ago I started learning The 5-Pencil MethodMy goal is to make my portraits as realistic as possible while showing character and spirit through them.

I began watercolor just a few months ago. So I'm very new to the medium, but anxious to learn and experiment more. Even though I haven't done much with it yet, I am already getting a feel for the style I prefer. I like my paintings to be simple, suggestive rather than detailed, and to be mostly transparent. I prefer my watercolor paintings to look and feel like watercolor - in other words I don't like them to be super realistic.(which is kind of funny since I like realistic graphite drawings) I think I lean towards a more playful style - like an illustration you would find in a children's book.

~ Sarah Jane

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